Who wants to work with you?

By Michael Major August 01, 2014 Industry News

There are two ways to address the question “Who wants to work with you?” The first would seem obvious, being customers/clients. The second is to consider what type of people would want to work for you as an employee?


Most businesses fall into the trap of believing they have to go out and find new customers who will be willing to work with them, not wanting to work with them. By willing, I mean there’s a need the customer has that they will pay for, however grudgingly.

However the real goal is to have a product or service that your customers not only need, but also want. Remember, as I’ve said previously, 95% of all decision making is driven by emotion, not logic. Wanting something is a far more powerful driver for purchasing than needing something.

If you only need something, then you will probably wait until the last moment before purchasing and/or you will purchase based on logic and the cheapness of the price.

On the other hand, if you want something, you want it NOW! And you’ll be prepared to pay more, rather than having to wait.

The easiest way to get a quick handle on what your customers want is to find out what the current trends are in your marketplace. What’s popular, what’s in demand, what’s being talked about, what’s the flavour of the month etc?

Not only look for what is current, but what is becoming a trend. What you don’t want to do is pick a trend that is on the wane. That’s like catching the wave too late! Find the trend you can ride – better still find more than one!

The more you find, the more likely you will be able to position your products or services in a way that makes your customers throw all sensibilities to the wind because they want it now. So:

  • Step 1: Increase your visibility in the marketplace (which we will cover off in a future article).
  • Step 2: Present your product/service as being relevant to the marketplace.
  • Step 3: Position your product/service as being very much a trend your customers are currently wanting.



Moving on to potential employees, it’s one thing to have people applying, it’s quite another finding the perfect employee. Finding the right employees can sometimes feel like science and art at the same time. It takes time and energy, as well as costing money, with no real certainty of how successful the prospective employee will be.

However, with some research, it is fairly easy to identify what employees are currently looking for from their employers. This can be a host of different things.

Understanding what your ideal employee would be looking for from their future employer – i.e. knowing what employees are wanting – is critical to attracting the right employees to your business. What are the current trends?

Having the right employees who want to work with you is critical to any business. It reduces staff churn, they’re more productive, more efficient, more engaged and will be some of your greatest advocates when you get it right.

So this month we require you to do some research, by asking the simple questions – what trend can I ride? And what other trends can I also ride at the same time? Ask this question not only from a client/customer perspective but also from a staff perspective.

At the bottom of this page, I’ve provided a simple diagram for you to use to capture the trends you’ve identified. The next step is to see how your products/services fit. Then see how you can make your business more attractive to the type of employees you’d love to have working with you.

Having both customers and staff wanting to work with you can only be good for business, can’t it?


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