By NZHJ July 14, 2021 Hand & Power Tools

Multi-tool specialist Smart Tool Group is inviting its retail and merchant partners to make more from less when it comes to in-store space.

New Zealand owned and operated company Smart Tool Group sold seven and a half million multi-tool blades worldwide last year, from as far north as Iceland to as far south as Invercargill, of which about half were sold in New Zealand.

Its multi-tool blades are made in Germany, Switzerland and soon the UK, making it the only manufacturer making quick-release open back blades outside of China.

Plus it also has all the other bases covered with its Bosch-manufactured Starlock blade options.

In this respect, says the company, retailers and merchants can now fulfill all their customers’ needs for multi-tool consumables with a single brand.

Without stating the obvious, multi-tool blades are a GP-rich category and, with plans afoot to maximise in-store space and increase the store’s return on investment per square metre, Smart Tool Group believes its compact, easy-to-navigate “blade station” merchandising solutions (top photo) will be attractive to retailers and merchants.

On top of this, additional strings to Smart Tool Group’s bow in New Zealand now include the agency for the clever Grabo suction lifter (photo above), which lifts up to 170kg of materials, even if they are porous or have a textured surface, and Gutster Demo Bars from the US (photo right).



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