By NZHJ October 19, 2016 Industry News

PwC report warns construction industry will need to make changes if it's to cope with projected demand.

This report - Valuing the role of construction in the New Zealand economy - looks at the state of the construction sector five years on from the original PwC 2011 report, when the industry was at a low ebb.

Today, the industry has gone from bust to boom and is just about coping with burgeoning demand.

Funded by the Construction Strategy Group, the Construction Industry Council and BRANZ, the 2016 report is fundamentally positive in outlook.

However it also underlines in no uncertain terms that change is needed to meet projected growth in demand:

"Without change, the sector will struggle to meet medium term demand.

There is a significant task ahead to accommodate new private sector and government demand, compounded by the housing shortage in Auckland.

The recently released decisions version of the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan provides for an additional 422,000 dwellings over the next 30 years.

The opportunity for the construction sector is significant, but the sector will not be able to meet the challenge without change."

What changes does the report recommend? 

You can download a full copy of the CSG report here but the following short video also provides a useful potted summary:

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