Charge up the hill, recharge going down!

By NZHJ October 18, 2016 New Products

Based on NZ Wheelbarrows’ Tradesman barrow – NZ’s most popular wheelbarrow – the Yardlab Electric Wheelbarrow, fully loaded, will power up a steep hill. Plus, when it’s travelling downhill, the motor brake recharges the batteries. With a handbrake to stop and tip, the Yardlab Electric Wheelbarrow makes the job easier. Use it by day, recharge it at night. Real Kiwi ingenuity from Kaitaia and built in Thames by New Zealand Wheelbarrows. It is easy to think of a work saving device like this as a “gimmick” or “lazy”, but anyone in business knows that what saves you time saves you money and what saves your body is worth its weight in gold.

New Zealand Wheelbarrows,, 07 868 8007

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