Security, window & door category round-up

By Jess Brunette March 14, 2016 Security, Doors & Windows

Many of the players spoken to in this category currently have more business than they can handle at the moment but they did take the time to share some of their latest products in this category round-up. Jess Brunette reports.

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The latest from Master Lock

New to FW Cave is a range of innovative Master Lock locking devices, starting with the S2394 Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout Device that stops anyone from activating circuit breakers for ultimate piece of mind when doing major electrical maintenance or repair work. This patent pending device locks out virtually all miniature ISO/DIN circuit breakers, uses a thumb turn dial screw for easy attachment and secure fit and enables padlocks to be applied vertically or horizontally. Constructed from a Durable Zenex thermoplastic material, the circuit breaker lockout device is chemical resistant and performs effectively in extreme environments.

For lockout procedures that require large groups of employees to isolate an energy source, the Master Lock Anodized Aluminium Sliding Safety Hasp is an ideal solution. Available in models to lockout up to 12 (S440) or 24 (S450) workers at each lockout point the sliding hasps keep equipment inoperative while repairs or adjustments are made or keep an energy source isolated until the last worker’s padlock is removed from the hasp. Made from Non-sparking, anodised aluminium finish for superior corrosion resistance with offset lockout holes so hasp cannot be locked in the open position, this eliminates the need to daisy chain hasps together for more than 6 workers.

FW Cave also offers a range of Master Lock Extreme environment padlock covers made from a durable thermoplastic elastomer material resistant to common industrial chemicals to protect padlocks from dust, debris and harsh environments. Features a keyway cap that easily snaps open/closed to access cylinder and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit multiple models.


Smart phone smart, one touch easy

Kwikset’s Kevo Bluetooth Smartkey Deadbolt is now available in New Zealand through AHM. Communicating via Bluetooth with the Kevo app on a user’s smartphone when they approach the door (even if it’s at the bottom of a bag), Kevo allows users to unlock the door with a single touch of the lock rather than fumbling for keys. The deadbolt also works with traditional keys and users without a smartphone can use a supplied Bluetooth fob to get the same touch-to-open convenience.

Security wise, Kevo detects if users are inside or outside of the house to help prevent unauthorised entry, uses multiple encryption levels and comes with Kiwkset’s proven pick-resistant and bump-proof Smartkey cylinder. If a smartphone is lost or stolen, users can log into the Kevo app on another smartphone or into the Kevo web portal and disable or delete their phone.

The Kevo app also lets the user know when people enter or exit and who they are. To provide access to visitors, family members or service providers, users can provide a standard key, a Kevo fob, or send an eKey to anyone with a Kevo-compatible smartphone.


Feel the difference with ThermTek

Parkwood Doors’ latest innovation is ThermTek, a system where doors are thermally broken (separating the exterior door from the interior), without compromising strength, using a rubber connection system rather than a plastic joiner. This provides a significant advantage over plastic thermal breaks which are ridged and can cause even aluminium doors to bow.

ThermTek reduces condensation by up to 90% and provides 5 times the insulation compared to standard non-thermally broken aluminium doors, keeping homes warm and dry in winter and cool in summer. It also creates a superior noise barrier as the use of different material thicknesses reduces resonance and wave travel by changing sound wave frequency.

All these elements make for a structurally and thermally superior door that is whisper quiet, precise and snug closing with a solid, quality feel to the ‘knock’ without the rattle or ringing sound found with some aluminium doors.

ThermTek technology is used in Parkwood’s new aluminium entry doors, available in a wide range of heritage and ultra-modern styles while incorporating significant practical features and benefits over standard aluminium front doors. Parkwood aluminium doors come with a 5-year warranty.


Stronger and lighter than ever

New to LSC, ABUS TITALIUM is a new range of padlocks ideally suited for the retail hardware market that provides a cost effective alternative to the traditional brass padlock, while still delivering a high level of strength and security. 

Padlocks in this range feature a solid lock body made from an aluminium alloy called Titalium for higher security with less weight. ABUS TITALIUM models are double bolted, feature a hardened steel shackle and are available in 30, 35, 40 and 50mm size options.


Let Sylvan sort it

Sylvan has recently introduced three new premium stainless steel pull handles to its extensive range of door and cabinet hardware.

The DP4.SS Rectangular tube pull, DP5.SS Rectangular Tube T style pull and DP6.SS Oval Tube T steel are available in both polished and satin stainless steel. Rectangular models come in 600mm while the oval steel tube model is available in 600 and 900mm options. Suitable for use on glass and wooden doors up to 50mm thick these models are made from high quality 316-grade stainless steel and come with full fixing instructions and drilling template.

Sylvan has also added six new styles to its doorstop range, including the DS31 wall-mounted with strong cushion buffer, providing longer wall and higher floor mounted options for all those tricky situations.


Salto Systems XS4 Mini

The XS4 mini is the latest design suite from SALTO Systems that offers an ideal smart security solution for offices and apartment blocks, meeting a wide range of architectural design requirements with its small size and minimal installation needs combined with a modern, clean, LED aesthetic.

Compatible with most mortise locks and tubular latches the XS4 is a great way to convert a basic mechanical door into an attractive, electronically controlled door. The XS4 features SVN data-on-card technology inside to cut maintenance costs and as only two holes are needed installation is quick and easy.

NFC and smartcard technology enables integration of all user’s physical security needs into a single credential and powerful software lets the user control who goes where and when, while leaving behind an audit trail.


Good things, small packages

Responding to increasing demand last year from the trades and DIYers, Jaeco has introduced a new range of its popular window stays that are around half the size of its standard stays.

The smaller models are available in stainless and in a new satin nickel finish that matches the door hardware currently available in the market, ensuring a cohesive look to new renovations. The satin finish comes with a clear coat to protect against finger and oily residue from hands.

Jaeco plans to add a vintage bronze finish to its ranges this year. You can check out the full range at Jaeco’s new website.


Futura shock

The latest addition to the Windsor Brass stable is the Futura range of door furniture which comes in brushed black or nickel finish to complement modern décor. Futura’s die-cast aluminium lever provides a lighter, crisper action while putting less pressure on the spring and concealed fixed 54mm rose is die cast zinc alloy for high security and durability. Features a screw-on rose cover for secure fastening, a press button action for simple one-handed locking/unlocking and a single tubular latch hole for quick and easy installation.

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