Definitely not a case of wet and forget…

By Jess Brunette March 10, 2016 Plumbing

A round-up of some of the latest products and innovations in the plumbing category. Jess Brunette reports.

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Unveiling the throne

Kohler’s Veil smart toilet takes hygiene and comfort to a new level. The Veil is a self-cleaning, wall-hung toilet with advanced bidet features controlled by a one-touch remote control. Its unique design marries style with function, with a French curve heated seat and gently dished shape to minimise pressure points for extra comfort while its antibacterial material enhances hygiene levels.

The remote control offers a choice of soft, pulsating or spiral wash with instant air infused warm water; choice of water temperature; warm air dryer with adjustable temperature control; and seat temperature adjustment. The Veil’s stainless steel spray wand automatically cleans itself with sterilised water after each use and automatically sanitises itself with UV light every 24 hours. The powerful, twin jet flushing system, together with its rimless bowl, also ensures a cleaner flush and a high standard of hygiene.

Veil also features an automatic sensor-activated seat cover with three adjustable distance settings to automatically open and close the lid and a blue LED nightlight on the face plate. Veil has half and full flush options with a 4 star WELS rating and 3.3 litre average flush.


You have a lovely aura

Methven’s Aurajet shower is the brand’s most advanced and invigorating shower experience to date. Invisible nozzles generate individual jets of water that collide against precisely angled surfaces hidden within the contours of the unique halo-shaped showerhead, the result being a fan of luxuriously dense droplets that delivers a highly efficient shower with 20% more spray force and twice the amount of water contact on your skin compared to Methven conventional showers.


Safeguard your shower

Parex now stocks the Safeguard T100 Care Electric Shower from Triton. For total control and economy, this model draws on the cold – rather than hot – water supply and heats it instantly with its own element. Not only does this reduce hot water wastage, but it also gives fine control of both temperature and flow. Safeguard T100 puts family and caregivers top of mind with Thermostatic temperature control for a constantly regulated temperature at all times, adjustable timed shutdown, a maximum temperature stop set during installation to avoid accidental scalding and phased shutdown that continues to run water after being turned off to flush out any existing heated water.

Input into the design of this unit was sought from occupational therapists the result being simplicity and ease of use with clearly delineated temperature settings and a large start/stop button for easy selection of favourite settings each time, an ergonomic rub clean showerhead with five spray patterns, raised tactile features, large graphics and textured anti-glare surfaces.

Safeguard T100 comes with an extended riser rail kit and hose with an additional bracket for ease of use and provision for connecting to a level access waste pump, making installation even easier and working as part of a total care solution.


Mico makes bathrooms pop

Mico now has a new range of Brighton vanities fitted with a polymarble top and available in MDF and a PVC thermo foil coated eye-catching white gloss, black gloss and a high simulation of natural wood with wood grain finishes. All vanities are finished with soft close drawers and minimalistic chrome handles.


Style with substance

Caroma has some new tapware to create interesting centrepieces for modern kitchen aesthetics.

The Dorf Inca sink mixer (pictured) has not only a distinctive design but also a range of clever, in-built features including swivel joint, anti-coil hose ensuring easy rotation and soft, rinse spray for enhanced food preparation. Comes with a 35mm adjustable cartridge for added temperature and flow control, slide button dual spray function and easy dock nozzle holster.

Another stylish option, the Dorf Vixen range, comes in a two-tone finish available in chrome, matte black with chrome accents or white with chrome accents. Features a pull-down, retractable handpiece for added versatility.

Inca and Vixen both incorporate European SoftPEX hoses that are free from impurities and provide superior flexibility and a longer product life.


Solitaire goes dark

The all new Solitaire range from Foreno is now available in Black/Chrome. Designed right here in New Zealand, this range features sleek lines and striking chrome accents.

Solitaire is also available in white/chrome and chrome finish. The range features European ceramic discs and is suitable for all water pressures.


Felton’s fresh new update

Felton’s latest Designer III wall set has been designed to give existing Feltonmix bathrooms a refreshed look. Existing bathrooms can be updated in minutes without removing the wall lining and all D3 components are interchangeable with earlier wall set models.

This new wall set features Felton’s largest and widest range of Feltonmix faceplates, designed for easier access and servicing when retrofitting over all earlier models, eliminating the need for an adaptor plate. New showerheads designed with extra wide spray for maximum comfort and coverage are also now available in new colours.

The D3 showerhead nozzle is made with lime scale resistant rubber for anti-clogging and minimising build up, is watermark certified and has a WELS rating of 3 star 6 litres on low/unequal pressures and 3 stars 8.5 litres on mains pressure. D3 is also made in New Zealand and engineered to fit existing Feltonmix installations.

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