By NZHJ June 16, 2016 Industry News

At a time when steel in particular is coming under close scrutiny, locally made products from NZ Steel and Pacific Steel have received a green "tick".

New Zealand Steel and Pacific Steel’s flat and long steel products manufactured at the Glenbrook facilities south of Auckland and in Otahuhu have received the independent endorsement of Environmental Choice.

The flat and long steel products not only met robust environmental criteria, they also exceeded the criteria of the “fit for purpose” category, which includes identifying applicable standards, specifications and or consumer/customer requirements, demonstrating how compliance is monitored and maintained (including quality control and assurance procedures) and maintaining records of customer feedback and complaints.

“I don’t believe any of the imported steel coming into New Zealand can match New Zealand steel in providing customers with this level of audited integrity and confidence,” says NZ Steel’s Chris Kay.

The products are also eligible for points under the NZ Green Building Council’s Green Star rating tool, which recognises the ECNZ eco-label.

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