Would you plant Parrot’s Pot?

By NZHJ Team December 13, 2016 New Products

Parrot (the same company that’s famous for its drones!) recently announced the launch of a new version of the Parrot Pot, which automatically waters plants when necessary, regulates water consumption when you are away and even advises on plant maintenance!

All of this is made possible with the free Parrot Flower Power app, in addition to accessing content and expert advice on the maintenance of plants. Could this be the ideal gift for someone who neglects plants but is looking to learn and wanting to try their hand at becoming a green thumb?

Just announced is the bonus that, for Parrot Pot sold in the world, WeForest will plant a tree in the north of Ethiopia.The objectives are to restore a forest on a non-productive land, to fight against the harmful effects of climate change and to get the local population involved in the long term.

DLG International, www.parrot.net.nz, 09 571 3375

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