Valspar launches as “The future of paint”

By NZHJ September 22, 2015 Painting & Decorating

Today Valspar launched as “The future of paint” in New Zealand, the programme having already rolled out across Mitre 10s nationwide over the last few weeks.

“We’re very excited to be in New Zealand’s biggest DIY chain,” says Lynley Twyman, NZ Marketing Manager for Valspar Paint (see photo), adding that a full supporting media campaign – TV, print and out of home – goes live on 4 October.

The campaign sounds like it will make an impact: “I can assure you it’s very different than what you would expect from a paint company and very exciting!” enthuses Lynley Twyman.

Some key outtakes from the launch today. Valspar paints:

  • Are an NZ-specific formulation.
  • Are 100% water-based for interior and exterior applications.
  • Act as paint + primer in one can.
  • Promise enhanced coverage, adhesion, durability, fade- and stain-resistance and washability.
  • Use HydroChroma water-based colour tinting technology, including a colour matching service.
  • Also have a test pot programme.
  • Come with the Valspar Home Life Warranty (guaranteed for as long as you live in the house you painted).
  • Come with the Love Your Colour Guarantee (if you don’t love the colour you chose, Valspar will replace it).
  • Are currently exclusive to Mitre 10.

With the consumer promotional programme due to start on 4 October, a dedicated website goes live on 25 September and there will also be Valspar presences on Facebook and Instagram.

The new Valspar programme by the way is additional to rather than a replacement for the current Wattyl programme in NZ.

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