Watering innovation from Wetta

By NZHJ September 10, 2015 New Products

Garden taps regularly require a screw-on fitting to adapt to hoses and fittings. The team at Wetta Industries have come up with a brass tap that a hose can click straight on to. Available in shelf hangsell tie cards, these are great value for your watering aisle or plumbing section.

The “Hose that grows” has never been truer for Wetta’s Wettastretch hose that stretches twice its original size when under pressure to 20m. Wettastretch has a unique patented stretchy inner and outer with extra strong inner latex tube, extra strong outer braided bungee fabric, a double replaceable locking fitting that enables the hose to be re-cut and fittings are easy to attach.

Wetta Industries by the way is what used to be called PPI NZ. The Rangiora-based company has rebranded since Husqvarna purchased NETA across Australasia and is now rolling out its own Wetta-branded home irrigation products.

Wetta Industries, www.wettairrigation.co.nz, 03 313 7956



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