Gillam opens Bunnings New Lynn, confirms Westgate

By NZ Hardware Journal June 26, 2015 Industry News

26 June 2015: Wesfarmers' Managing Director, Home Improvement and Office Supplies, John Gillam, opened the Bunnings New Lynn store this morning and confirmed plans for Westgate into the bargain...

Gillam voiced high hopes for the New Lynn store, to the point that he felt comfortable enough with progess to put it out there that the new store could even give Mount Roskill and other high performing stores "a shake in terms of becoming the number one store”.

He continued: "It’s an incredibly exciting time and a great way to finish this financial year to have a store of this quality up and running – it is amazing, congratulations to everyone involved!"

"We are so pleased with how our business is going in NZ", he expressed optimism that the Bunnings NZ operation would continue its growth and that it was "chasing a billion” for next financial year – “it’s going to be a very very exciting year,” he said.

Included in the general excitement for the coming year is confirmation that Bunnings will occupy a prime site at West Auckland's Westgate shopping development (see plan above).

Gillam enthused: “I know I shouldn't talk about Westgate but I’m going to talk about Westgate because it’s an incredibly exciting site and we can’t wait to get that one going - and there’s so much more to come!

“When you think about the size of Auckland and you think about what we’ve got in terms of networks in Perth and Brisbane, we’re not even halfway here - I don’t think we’ve got even half way towards where we want to be in New Zealand."

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