ZipWall – the zero dust solution

By NZHJ July 10, 2015 New Products

ZipWall is a temporary containment barrier for total dust control. Designed to protect a builder’s health and their professional reputation, ZipWall means they can create and dismantle effective dust barriers in minutes, leaving no damage at all!

ZipWall is a system of adjustable spring-loaded poles and plastic sheeting used to form a dust barrier or create a work zone. Ideal for containing dust during renovations, demolition and maintenance in sensitive or occupied areas.

Clean-up time, cost and effort are all reduced to a minimum. ZipWall requires no tools, tape or fixings, leaves no damage to walls, ceilings or floors and is reusable many times over. Working height options are 1.5-6.0m. Email for your catalogue now.

Intex Group NZ,, 0800 278 276



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