A “green” mouse trap?

By NZHJ August 10, 2015 New Products

The Evo Trapz mouse trap is earth-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. It sets in a second, is safe around children and pets (being a non-spring trap), but kills mice with no miss and no mess and is disposable or reusable.

Made entirely of unbleached corrugated card, a degradable (and easily replaceable) rubber band and a small amount of a water based glue, you can simply place the entire trap and mouse into the rubbish bin or incinerator – Evo Trapz can also be placed in your recycling bin, after removing the mouse.

And unlike many other mousetraps, Evo Trapz guides the rodent directly beneath a striker which hits the rodent behind the back of the neck every time. Evo Trapz can be re-used up to 500 times if you wish! 

Pudney & Lee, www.pudneyandlee.co.nz, 0800 880 100


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