By NZHJ April 14, 2021 Hand & Power Tools

A round-up of some of the latest hardware and related products across all categories.

Tile upgrade for GIB Aqualine

GIB Aqualine, with its reinforced water-resistant core and easy score and snap installation, can now comfortably handle the vast majority of tiles commonly used in New Zealand up to 40kg/m2 tile weight.

Maximum tile weights at 600mm maximum stud centres are as follows:

  • 10mm GIB Aqualine 26 kg/m²
  • 13mm GIB Aqualine 40 kg/m²

GIB Wet Areas Systems updates also include: increased fastener space tolerances for GIB Aqualine for tiling from 100mm to 150mm centres; updated NZ Building Code Clause E3 guidance; and new CAD details including tiled shower recess.

Winstone Wallboards, 0800 100 442, www.gib.co.nz


KOMELON branches out

KOMELON products now extend across a wider tool range. For example, the new Extreme Standout Tape is illuminated, making it easy to read in dark or low-light conditions.

Meanwhile the KOMELON High-Vis tape range continues to cater for the ever-expanding demand of high visibility tools on the jobsite.

There’s also a new range of snap-off knives, with Korean blade technology that promises to match the category’s best.

Fox & Gunn, 09 270 1830, www.foxgunn.co.nz


New locks a knockout

Baber Lock & Key’s new Carbine C series rectangular steel rekeyable mono block padlocks are designed for security in specialised fitting situations.

The horizontal Molybdenum alloy locking shackle reduces vulnerability to attack, while the hardened steel body offers high security due to the strength of the material and larger body sizes.

Key features: rekeyable brass PD cylinder with a positive locking action; cylinder is an LKW9 (C4) 6pin PD (CK001) type, and accepts various restricted key systems; two sizes are available (89mm or 120mm length body).

Baber Lock & Key, 09 368 4802, www.baberlocknkey.co.nz


Wood & laminate repairs made easy

Swiss-made Novoryt Melting Putty is designed to repair strongly used surfaces such as parquet, laminate, cork flooring, furniture, kitchen tops etc.

Consisting of various co-polymers with a 120°C melting point, processing is done with a Novoryt melter, while excess material is removed by the notches of the plastic putty knife, a draw blade or a chisel.

Novoryt Melting Putty can be overpainted with various lacquer systems, absorbs stains and oil and has only a small glow.

Novoryt Melting Putty comes in over 100 different colours and is available in various kits with gas melters.

Hardware & Panel Supplies, 09 836 6773, www.hardwarepanel.co.nz

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