By NZHJ November 30, 2020 Industry news

Look out for our poll of building product suppliers, merchants and retailers: how was 2020 and what's their take on 2021?

In late March, just before the Level 4 Lockdown, NZ Hardware Journal asked some 250 hardware and building product suppliers about their immediate and medium term outlook for business.

You can find the complete results, along with comments from those surveyed here but to get a quick feel for what the survey revealed, see the following graphics.

Before you continue, we have again asked 250 suppliers and some 150 key merchants and DIY retailers their views on where things are heading from a demand perspective and how they have coped and will be coping with the changes brought on by the pandemic.

The results will be featured in our December 2020 magazine, Digital Edition and online (and direct in advance to those who participated!!).

It will be fascinating to see how opinions have changed since we collated the following results back in March 2020:


The results of our latest poll will appear in NZ Hardware Journal's December 2020 magazine, December Digital Edition and online.

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