By NZHJ September 14, 2019 New Products

We round up some of the latest painting & decorating new products.

Simply pour and paint

The Wagner Control Pro 150 paint sprayer features an airless piston pump and a convenient hopper design, making it ideal for small to medium projects.

The innovative airless system is highly efficient and allows users to spray quickly and with high levels of control and performance under reduced system pressure.

Another key benefit, says Wagner, is up to 55% less overspray than conventional systems thanks to lower pressure leading to a softer and more controllable spray. This product carries a 3+1 year DIY warranty.

New look for 3M Painter’s Tapes

The updated range of Scotch Painter’s Tapes has unified 3M’s masking and painting tape product range with surface-specific positioning of the Scotch brand family of Painter’s Tapes now making tape selection easier for consumers.

ScotchBlue Original is the versatile, multi-surface painter’s tape that DIY painters and pros have used for more than 30 years. ScotchBlue Ultra Sharp Lines, 3M’s premium blue tape, features patented Edge-Lock technology which seals out paint to create ultra-sharp paint lines. This innovative poly-tape conforms to curves, tears straight for fast cornering, and removes without slivering.

Other products in the new-look Painter’s Tape range include Delicate, Exterior and Rough Surface tapes.

Time-saving brush accessory

Made from polypropylene, BrushBaggy eliminates the headache of cleaning paint brushes between coats and keeps the paint fresh and workable for short or long breaks. It’s a convenient, simple to use product for DIYers and pro painters that helps painting projects go smoother and faster.

Unlike plastic bags or cling wrap, BrushBaggy is the only custom-designed bag on the market for paint brushes, rollers, trays and buckets, so paint can stay out-of-the-can fresh on a brush for weeks so users can save clean-up until the very end of the job and save time, money, water and paint into the process.

Spray on and harden up

Turbo Rot-Fix is a convenient new spray-on product that hardens, waterproofs and protects rotted timbers before re-forming and repairing with Builder’s Bog.

Rot-Fix uses self-crosslinking emulsion technology where evaporation of the water activates a “sleeping” catalyst which then causes the liquid resin globules suspended in the water (i.e. the milky Rot-Fix emulsion) to crosslink and polymerise into a solid plastic. This tightly bonds the rotted wood fibres together again into a fully-hardened base for the Builder’s Bog repair to bond to.

Rot-Fix complements other products in the Turbo range, as it makes an ideal sealer for damaged, dusty concrete before Turbo Concrete Bog is applied. And the same goes for fibre-reinforced Turbo Metal Bog when applied over porous or dusty substrates, like Hardifex sheeting.

Bostik Instantly Paintable Gap Filler

Sales Manager, Paul O’Reilly, concedes that, although painting & decorating may not be Bostik’s core market, it is one with good potential for future growth. A step towards that, he says, is the company’s major new product launch of 2019, Instantly Paintable Gap Filler.

Its introduction to the local market has been a relatively straightforward process, according to Paul O’Reilly, because the quick-dry technology was acquired when Bostik bought European company Denbraven, a large player in the European market with a range of products catering for DIY users.

“We’ve got a fairly tight product range and wanted to offer something a bit different. It’s early days but initial feedback has been positive,” he concludes.

Duralon promises a lasting finish

With spring weather around the corner, Protective Paints offers a range of water-based exterior house paints under the Duralon brand.

The Acrylic Roof Paint has a gloss finish and comes in a range of fade-resistant colours. It offers excellent adhesion to most substrates and is suitable for use with drinking water collection systems.

And the House and Trim Exterior Paint has UV blocking properties and will also inhibit mould and mildew. No primer is required for most applications although the Duralon range also includes an acrylic primer undercoat.

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