By NZHJ October 16, 2018 New Products

Pamper that pooch!

Kelvin the Thermokennel is a clever idea that’s been locally designed to help improve and ensure the well-being of working dogs (or in fact any dog that sleeps outdoors).

Locally designed, Kelvin the Thermokennel features quality insulated walls, raised floor and door to capture and hold the heat generated by the animal.

Kelvin in fact meets the latest insulation standards for New Zealand homes, creating a warm, dry micro-climate for your pooch. 

The one-piece design prevents water ingress while its durable, UV-resistant plastic construction ensures it’s rot- and waterproof, wind resistant, and weather tight.  

The Thermokennel has a removable front panel which can be left off on warmer days and a removable floor for easy cleaning.

NZ availability is scheduled for January 2019. Check out Thermokennel on Kickstarter:


Working faster and smarter

A new innovation from exterior cladding specialists Masons is designed to close in houses much faster than traditional house wrap and at far less cost than a rigid air barrier.

UNI is a durable, reinforced flexible air barrier that allows a builder to carry on with interior work for up to 90 days without waiting for the cladding to be completed.

UNI speeds up the building process by weeks, at a fraction of the cost of rigid air barriers, according to Masons, and it’s quick and easy to transport and install.

UNI is also CodeMark Certified and has been developed locally by Masons.

Applicable to commercial and residential projects using timber or steel framing, UNI is absorbent and can be used with all cladding systems, it protects timber from water and UV damage, and is suitable for all areas of New Zealand (including up to “Very High” wind zones and “Extra High”).

UNI is also suitable for use as non-rigid backing for stucco plaster and as an air barrier on walls that are not lined but is not suitable as a roof underlay.

Masons NZ,, 0800 522 533

Steel & Tube debuts BIM portal

BIM-spec is a new one-stop portal for all of Steel & Tube’s CAD and technical content. It provides access to a large library of 2D and 3D CAD content and building information models (BIM) across a wide range of Steel & Tube product categories.

BIM-Spec features lightweight and easy access 2D and 3D BIM Objects in multiple file formats, Revit-specific BIM families designed to LOD 300, ANZRS (Australian & New Zealand Revit Standards) and was developed by BIM specialist A2K Technologies.

Steel & Tube,, 09 600 0786

Meet the techno-dunny

The fluid, balanced curves and minimalist design of Kohler’s new Veil intelligent toilet conceal advanced features in toilet hygiene and individual comfort.

Veil is an in-wall cistern design whose every feature is hands-free – including auto touch-less flush, motion-activated cover and ergonomically designed heated seat. The rimless bowl can be LED lit for night time visits.

Veil’s personal cleansing functions can be customised for water temperature, spray style, position and pressure, plus pulsate and oscillate functions while the precision air dryer can also be adjusted to personal preferences for temperature.

There is even a fan which draws air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter to help keep the bathroom fresh.

Kohler NZ,, 0800 564 537

Connected cat flap

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door Connect is being billed as the most advanced cat door ever!

Used with the Sure Petcare app and hub, owners can control the cat door as well as monitor their cat’s behaviour, from anywhere at any time.

Ideal for households with more than one cat, the Microchip Cat Door Connect is a drop-in replacement for standard cat doors and enables individual entry permissions to be set for each pet. 

Sure Petcare,

Englefield’s corner store

Three years of research into busy Kiwi family bathrooms indicated to Englefield that a huge increase in the number of showering and hair products used meant a greater need for generous storage within the shower enclosure.

Hence Englefield’s new and patented Corner Contour PLUS Wall, which is suitable for the brand’s Valencia (pictured), Milano and Studio shower enclosures and provides a moulded wall that supports five corner shelves, three with discreet integrated hanging hooks for items such as body brushes, flannels and loofahs.

Englefield,, 0800 100 382

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