By NZHJ November 16, 2018 Industry news

NZ Building Industry federation reports that BEAL's suspension as a CodeMark certifier remains in place at this time.

BIF reports today that the Appeals Panel considering the appeal of Beal Certification Services in regard to the 12 September decision by JAS-ANZ to suspend CodeMark accreditation has now determined there is no basis for overturning this decision.

The Chief Executive Officer of JAS-ANZ, James Galloway, says the panel considered all relevant materials, took the view that fair and due process had been followed by JAS-ANZ and consequently disallowed the appeal.

He says JAZ-ANZ must now take account of the appeal outcome and determine what action is needed.

This action is expected to be taken shortly.

Beal proprietor Colin Prouse tells BIF that he is continuing product testing and considering the options available to him in regard to certifications.

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