“Dear Santa...”

By NZHJ December 15, 2017 Industry news

What do our top retailers and merchants want for Christmas? How about some of the other players in building & construction? We asked them all.

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Peace on earth and good will to all men

We hope Santa has a well-deserved rest in store for our trade customers, where they can down tools, roll out the barbeque and relax.

We hear Santa’s elves are an innovative bunch, so if they can also help our industry improve some pressure points, we’ll be in for a good year.

Our store owners are asking Santa to keep DIY items atop his gift list for good Kiwi homeowners.

We’re also wishing for a long, fine, safe Kiwi summer. We love it when our customers can take advantage of warm weather to improve their homes and gardens, make the most of their outdoor spaces and of course fire up the grill.

Continued strong support for locally owned and operated stores would be another great gift.

We love opportunities to delight customers and get involved with community projects, so, if Santa has a few of those, we’ll be set.

Neil Cowie (CEO, Mitre 10 NZ)


A safe and happy Christmas

Dear Santa

We are looking forward to seeing you again this year. We don’t like to ask but if you would think about granting the following three wishes for Bunnings in 2018!

  1. More great ranges full of innovation from our suppliers who are always so supportive.
  2. Continued growth so we can invest more in our stores to give our customers a great experience – every time they shop with us.
  3. And last but certainly not least, very importantly, a safe and happy team.

 Happy Christmas to you too Santa!

Jacqui Coombes (GM, Bunnings NZ)


What I would like for 2018

Dear Santa

In these ever changing fast paced times, with the pressure to always…

  • Go faster and do more with less…
  • Be more digitally something, no matter whether it’s of any use or not…
  • And of course build more and more than ever before...

… it’s at this time of year more than any other that we should all remember that our industry, our customers and our businesses are all built around people.

So Santa I wish that in 2018 we can create the opportunities to leverage that human capital, to give our people the chance to innovate, to evolve and bring new ideas and solutions to our industry.

I hope that our industry attracts people with the talent and vibrancy to make a difference.

But first and most important of all, I hope that everyone has a safe and festive Xmas season with the people that are special to them.

Bruce McEwen (GM, PlaceMakers)


All I want for Christmas…

Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas is ...

  • The policy and regulatory frameworks for industry training reviewed to ensure they are flexible enough to support innovative responses to current and future industry needs.
  • The NZ Qualifications framework reviewed so that the position of vocational qualifications more accurately reflects the complexity of these programmes.
  • The prohibition on ITOs training removed.
  • The cap on Levels 5 & 6 ITO qualifications removed.
  • To offer higher level apprentice degree qualifications.
  • The Government partnering with industry to trial a financial incentive programme to support those employers who train.
  • The Government using its procurement practices to incentivise firms to train.
  • To establish a labour force supply monitoring and development unit in Government so we don’t continuously over or under train.
  • More women working in construction trades.
  • NZ’s education and immigration frameworks to be complementary and not competitive.

Warwick Quinn (CEO, BCITO)


Looking for partnership

Putting Rob Muldoon’s tooth fairy to one side, I’d ask Santa to deliver for 2018 a Government and public sector that works in genuine partnership with industry to achieve improved systems for product assurance, public sector procurement and occupational licensing.

Bruce Kohn (CEO, Building Industry federation)


What are builders wishing for?

  • More experienced tradespeople, more experienced tradespeople and more experienced tradespeople! Builder members of NZCB across the country are pretty much operating at maximum. With plenty of work on the books, although many would wish to grow their businesses, they are constrained by the lack of experienced people.
  • That our new leaders in Government make a concentrated effort to examine the increased paper mountain that the industry faces and take a common sense view toward reducing this administrative burden and thus supporting the drive toward increased productivity.
  • Get the fun back into the business community, experience increased profitability (recognising where much of the risk in the building industry is targeted) and spend more time at the beach.
  • Then there is KiwiBuild!

Grant Florence (CEO, CBNZ)


Damp squib or raging inferno?

Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas this year is a set of rules that are simple to understand, follow and police.

Oh and please give us some notice before they come into force? Love your work!

On behalf of any fire engineer, anywhere in New Zealand


Promises, promises

Dear Santa

I note with regret that you didn’t manage to fulfil the requests I submitted last year:

To find a way for us to deliver all those extra houses we need.

To find a way for us to regulate the building industry without coming on all heavy handed.

On behalf of the former Minister for Building & Housing


Dear Santa

Please find a way for us to deliver all those extra houses we’ve promised.

And above all please find a way for us to regulate the building industry without coming on all heavy handed.

On behalf of the current Minister for Building & Housing


Takeaways at Xmas

Dear Santa

Forgive me for asking you to take something away instead of giving…

For Christmas this year, I really would like you remove the loophole that allows Kiwis not to have to pay tax on stuff they buy from overseas e-tailers.

I’m not asking for myself you understand but I think I “jumped the gun” earlier this year and really need to make good on my promises.

Thanks for your understanding.

On behalf of the current Minister for Revenue

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